The Runby method

Runby is designed around one central idea: everything we do, track or manage in our knowledge work is usually a conversation. We have conversations with our customers, we discuss tasks, new features and bounce ideas with our teammates, we identify problems and propose solutions. Some of these things are tasks from the start, some become someone's tasks as the conversation unfolds, some conversations generate lists of tasks that have to be assigned to different people.

By bringing this idea to life we eliminate the mess that comes out of using multiple tools for email, task management, issue tracking, internal conversations, project management, etc. When everything is in one place, nothing falls through the cracks.

So, what can you do with Runby?

Work with email. In a new way. Everyone is up to reinventing, redesigning, fixing, changing, replacing, reducing and even... killing email. Well, we believe that email is perfect for what it was designed for: sending messages between teams, not within teams - and we made sure this can be done. Beautifully.

Manage workflows. Workflows is how we manage conversations within a recurring business process - such as customer support, software development or even content production and marketing. Any process where things have to move from "Backlog" to "Done" - such as a Kanban - will work beautifully in Runby.

Keep everything in one place. Email conversations and internal, hosted conversations in Runby are the same thing. Tasks are created and managed within conversations - so these conversations become actionable. Instead of arranging conversations by type (email, message board, to-dos, documents), we organise them by context - using bundles and workflows.

Work offline. Want to go through your Inbox while you're up in the air? Need to finish a marketing copy during a blackout? No problem: all your work will be stored safely on your device and synced with our servers as soon as you are back online. And this leads to our interface being super-fast too.